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ABLP hopeful, Cochrane, claims credit for spurring on other potential candidates in All Saints East and St. Luke

ST. JOHN’S, Antigua (August 29, 2020)—Residents in the constituency of All Saints East and St Luke are encouraged to welcome the improvements as campaigning kicks off, but they are also being asked to remember who is the catalyst for recent activities and pledges in the area. 

Neil Cochrane, an Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party hopeful, was responsible for the installation of lights at the Sir Curtly Ambrose Sports Complex in Swetes along with new backboards and rims back on Monday 17th August 2020. This comes after a decade without lights and years’ long lamentations of the youth. Cochrane said phase two was to resurface the court. He was, however, informed by the relevant authorities that due to subsequent, multiple requests from others vying to represent the area, PWD will undertake the work themselves.

On Saturday, the MP for the area Jamal Pringle prompted, if not jolted, by Cochrane’s promise and ability to deliver, finally journeyed to the McPond court to make an attempt at cleaning the facility.  

Cochrane finds the jostling for one-upmanship interesting. 

“The MP’s sudden acknowledgment of the needs of the people and sudden ability to deliver speaks volumes about his poor stewardship,” Cochrane said. “This goes deeper than Pringle’s own disregard and inability, as the seat has been a UPP stronghold for 26 years, since 1994. This timespan includes a decade of a UPP administration, so there are no excuses.”

Cochrane encourage the constituents to be candid about their needs, adding that they should use the opportunity of the attention of several people to rally for things that will uplift the community. 

“Although I offer myself as a candidate, I can look at the greater good—if others want to jump on the bandwagon of what I’ve started—in the peoples’ interest. I am prepared to be that leader, the kick-starter. Their actions alone, in trailing me when the job was theirs for some time, is indicative of who is the real leader amongst us.”

Cochrane, who has held candid and positive talks across the length and breadth of the constituency, said he would continue to deliver for the people according to what they have requested.“Let the others collide in my wake to finish what I start. At the end of the day, the people will benefit, and it will rebound to my energy and ability.”

“My attention reaches beyond sports and into the livelihood and overall wellbeing of the community. My team and I have been welcomed by the residents, and we will continue to interact, listen and build, or build back, as the case may be,” Cochrane added. 

“As I’ve said before, I am neither rejected nor elected; I am committed, and I have a track record of leadership and positive performance. I am doing the work and heading towards comprehensive and proper representation for the people of All Saints East and St. Luke. Those who want to cog who have had the chance either as representative or caretaker are suddenly falling over themselves running behind me while my focus is on the people,” the political hopeful said.

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