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National Parks Authority Seeking to Integrate Cutting-Edge Solar Technology

The National Parks Authority has received grant funding from the UK’s Climate Resilience Fund, to embark on a study inside the Dockyard Precinct, to assess the feasibility of using photovoltaic tiles to generate power.
These pioneering tiles are taking solar technology and embedding it into common roofing materials which will resemble the traditional wooden shingles used in the Dockyard. Besides the aesthetic advantage of blending into the historical structures, unlike traditional solar panels, these tiles are integrated into the roof structure, making them more resistant to hurricane force winds. Each tile is connected by cables to the power distribution board.
Photovoltaic tiles combine efficiency with design without compromising the architecture and aesthetics of buildings. The successful completion of this project would signal an important milestone for the Nelson’s Dockyard National Park and will chart a path for heritage sites around the world to develop clean energy plans without sacrificing the authenticity or integrity of their sites.
This project was conceptualized by the NPA, to lower the Park’s reliance on fossil fuels, generate electricity and increase financial sustainability. Reducing the electricity bill through switching to photovoltaics would enhance the financial sustainability of the NPA, making more funds available for conservation, stabilization, and programming in heritage and environment sectors, all while reducing the NPA’s carbon footprint.

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