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Future astronaut from Antigua preparing for lift off

  1. (Loop News) Future Antiguan astronaut Keisha Schahaff has just completed five days of in-person training for her historic trip to space.

In 2021, the former flight attendant won two tickets for a commercial trip to space worth US$1 million, sponsored by the founder of Virgin Galactic, Sir Richard Branson.

She chose her 18-year-old daughter, Anastatia Mayars, an astrophysics student with a dream of becoming a NASA engineer, to accompany her on the flight.

Since winning the life-changing prize, Schahaff had to undergo numerous tests to ensure that she is healthy enough for the journey.

Schahaff said she had to travel to the UK for a full medical examination by a doctor approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), as well as many medical records checks.

In addition, she said the past few months have been “more about preparing my mind for what I am going to be doing after the space flight even what I’m gonna be doing leading up to the spaceflight but also the experience I’m gonna have.”

The mother of one got the green light to zoom into space and she credits that to her healthy lifestyle.

Late last month both she and her daughter went to New Mexico for five days of in-person training.

She told our newsroom that they trained for 8 hours a day to prepare mentally and physically for the lift-off.

Schahaff also shared that the training included learning more about the spaceship and how to manoeuvre through the craft without gravity.

Now back home, they will continue online training for the trip that may take place in July.

It was always Schahaff’s dream to go to space and with her dreams set to become a reality shortly, the health and wellness coach said she plans to “help people support their dreams.”

In addition, she intends to share the experience with others by engaging in education and mentorship programs post-flight.

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