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Blue Waters Hotel Inspiring Female Leaders 

The Blue Waters Hotel recently launched an intimate, elegant affair to commemorate and empower women leaders within the organization.

The event, titled ‘Tea & Talk: The Future Women Build. Inspiring Change’ was led by the developer of the concept, Executive Assistant Manager of the Blue Waters Resort, Celia Morgan.

Tea & Talk is a motivational leadership development forum bringing the leaders of Blue Waters Resort & Spa together to connect with colleagues and peers. It is designed for participants to share, learn, and grow in a safe environment.

The core theme is ‘The Future Women Build’ and the topic for the month of June is ‘Inspiring Change.’ The topic will change from session to session.

Patrice Simon, Executive Director of the Antigua & Barbuda Hotels and Tourism Association and Dr. Vonetta George, Chief of Surgery at the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre were invited to present to women managers and supervisors.

In her welcome remarks, Celia Morgan shared with the attendees, “A lot of times we are afraid to speak frankly to each other about the things we are doing and how it impacts each other because of how it might be received or interpreted. We need to move away from this fear and be bold and value each other’s contributions…..YOU! are our most Precious and Valuable Asset. What we are doing today (Tea & Talk) is our investment in your growth and development.”

Mrs. Morgan further stated that “Expectations of companies of its leaders and the employees expectations of the company are very similar in many instances. We must first understand what the company wants and the type of leadership the company wants.”

Speakers, Patrice Simon and Dr. Vonetta George on the subject, ‘The Future Women Build. Inspiring Change’ shared their career journey and the ways they navigated life,  to survive, thrive and grow. The speakers also shared ways in which women can support and motivate each other to build a better future for themselves, their families, and advance in their career.

Rachel Henderson, Food & Beverage Supervisor of the Blue Waters Resort, and attendee of the Tea & Talk shared her feedback, “Our first speaker spoke to us encouraging us to set our goals, and to be ourselves, that’s it’s okay to be a superwoman but we must also learn to think and act more strategically since striking a balance is everything in the hospitality business. Cherishing our team members is very important and it’s important to get to know each person’s weaknesses and strengths and building trust and loyalty. Our second speaker encouraged good health, having a good state of mind and that women should ensure that we are impeccable with our words and not make assumptions. The entire team of ladies were very interactive, every word spoken was amazing and encouraging. I look forward for another event held like this in the future and it was lovely to see our leading ladies get dolled up and sit and chat and to be around positive company.”

Tea & Talk will see internal and external speakers focus on sharing personal experiences in charting and navigating their course to success, the challenges and obstacles they face, defining their individual success, the ways to support and motivate each other to build a better future for  themselves, families, companies, communities and country.

The Blue Waters Resort & Spa continue to host ‘Tea & Talk’ every month in the off season (May to September); every other month in the season (October to April).

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