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Parliament passes Sexual Offences Registry Bill

The Antigua and Barbuda Sexual Offenders Registry Bill has finally been passed in the Lower House at Parliament.

Members of Parliament discussed the Bill and the processes going forward.

Member for Barbuda Trevor Walker agreed that sexual offences should not be trivialized, adding that while victims’ rights should be protected, there should be some measure of caution when posting the names of convicted persons as it “may not leave room for someone to rehabilitate”.

Sir Molwyn Joseph also confirmed his full support of the bill, explaining that it will “send a message to all men and women” who commit these sorts of crimes, that enough is enough.

“If we don’t do something, people will take justice into their hands” Joseph stated.

The Sex Offenders Registry Bill 2022 was proposed in July of this year and will feature the names of offenders along with other information such as their date of birth, nationality, current home address and workplace.

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