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National Youth Parliament Set to Debate Feminine Hygiene Product Access

This Friday, the National Youth Parliament of Antigua and Barbuda (NYPAB) will meet to discuss and debate the Feminine Hygiene Products Bill 2022.

Members will address the issue of period poverty especially relating to lack of finances which prevents them from obtaining feminine products due to the price.

Public Relations Officer of youth parliament Kaiesha Joseph gave her thoughts on the issue saying “Menstrual cycle is not a choice. Sanitary products are therefore a necessity for women and girls however many cannot afford the products, which is unfortunate. They are then forced to practice poor menstrual hygiene by using toilet paper, rags, or any other unsanitary product that they believe can contain their menstrual flow.”

She further highlighted the need for boys and men to learn about period poverty, giving them education to assist the high percentage of girls and women around the country who are experiencing it.

The debate will begin at 9:30 am, at the Parliament Building, Queen Elizabeth Highway, St. John’s. The general public is invited. Covid protocols will be observed.

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