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Trust Fund Created For Early childhood Program

The former Education Minister was complimented by the Cabinet for his foresight in selecting a Maria Holder Trust-funded early childhood education program.

The Buckleys building will service All Saints and Swetes.

The Cabinet has agreed to provide this and all other early childhood education institutions with free internet, appropriate furnishings, and competent staff.

Such needs-based services will help both public and private schools; the goal is to bridge the gap between those parents whose salaries are severely constrained and may not be able to afford institutions with quality instructors, internet, or suitable furnishings.

Government crèches will be converted into endowed preschools to boost learning in children aged 0 to 5 years old before they enter primary school.

Five representatives of the Early Childhood Education Department were asked to Cabinet to share their knowledge and to propose different policy options for reaching the desired equality.

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