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Leadership Matters: Barbados Lowers Petrol Prices, Antigua Raises Them

Dear Editor

In times of global crisis, strong leadership really does matter. I listened to the news  from Barbados, Prime Minister, the Honourable Mia Mottley, has not only stabalized her country’s finances, but, she has put Barbados in such a strong position that during a global oil crisis, she is able to lower oil prices in her country. 

On the other hand, here in Antigua & Barbuda, our people awoke to gas prices today on World Consumer Right Day to gas prices  $3 higher. That’s weak and failed leadership.

In times of crisis, we need experienced managers who know how to see us through difficult times. I have all confidence that Harold Lovell and the UPP would have done better. 

I recall the fateful year of 2009, Harold Lovell then finance minister, in that capacity, he had to deal with: 

  1. the global financial crisis, 
  2. the CLICO collapse, 
  3. the Stanford collapse  
  4. the British American insurance collapse.                                                                                            And, through all of that, the UPP built reverse osmosis plants and tanks to improve the water situation, introduced the school meals programme, the laptops for children, the school uniform programme and  much more.

It is now clear that Gaston Browne has failed the peoples trust. The fire in Point showed that, There was no water in the hydrant and a fire truck had to be called in from all the way in All Saints because all the other trucks at the repair shop waiting for simple parts. 

He himself said that although the new trucks were ordered they didn’t pay for them. A sign that there was no money to pay until disaster struck 5 families who have no place to shelter and have to start life all over again.

All of this from a leader who denied people the right to choose and denied them jobs and education. 

We deserve better. 

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