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Jamaica- No bleachers allowed for Black History Month pageant

An organizer for the Miss Black History Month Talent and Pageant Show in Jamaica has announced that no ‘bleachers’ will be considered for entry.

While potential contestants can be light-skinned, bleachers are not welcome. Brown said that the pageant, which is seeking 20 contestants, is aimed at testing the women’s cultural aptitude. Two women were turned away last week as their knuckles appeared bleached.

“I think they [women between 17 and 31] should enter to gain some self-esteem and stop bleach, so they can send a message. I feel very bad when I see a black girl bleach and get so brown, that spoils her skin tone. I feel very bad about it, I don’t see the sense [in bleaching]. It is a big, big problem [because] I never grow up and use nothing on my face yet, it’s just couple years now I see most of these places selling bleaching cream and people using it to spoil up them skin tone,” he said.

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