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Experts Say That Deltacron is Likely Due to Lab Contamination

On Sunday, news of the Deltacron variant hit the internet and left many wondering if it would become a variant of concern. But now, global health experts are casting doubts over the reports which state that the mutation appeared to be a combination of both the delta and omicron variants but according to experts Deltacron is more likely a “strain” as the result of a lab processing error. 

Delatcron emerged in Cyprus and was reported by Researcher Leondios Kostrikis, professor of biological sciences at the University of Cyprus who gave it the name because of its omicron-like genetic signatures within the delta genomes. 

Kostrikis and his team said they had found 25 cases of the mutation, with the report adding that at the time it was too early to tell whether there were more cases and what impact it could have. Officials say the findings have been sent to Gisaid– an international database that tracks changes in the virus, on Jan 7.

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