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Remote Learning Begins as Students face Google Classroom

With the new school year starting remotely, the Director of Education Clare Browne says learning packages have already been prepared for students who are without electronic devices or internet connectivity.

He said additionally, new students will be assessed during face to face orientation to determine the best method of remote learning for them.

“All our students are on the google classroom. Even last year we would have trained our teachers. Remote learning is not limited to the virtual space so in addition to that we would have been preparing learning packages for our students all through.”

Browne added that “for this to work now the new teachers would have to be in touch and that is why we are saying we would have to organize opportunities for teachers to interact with their students.”

“After we would have done the whole business of orientation with the new students those who would require learning package who might not be able to access that virtual space, teachers would be in a better place to prepare for them.”

Browne says several laptops have already been distributed to several students and teachers in preparation for remote learning.

“Now we would have distributed so far about 2,500 computer systems, that is in addition to the E-book devices that were already in Secondary School. These devices were being given to teachers and students in preparation for this new academic year that is going to be off for a new start in the learning space.”


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