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New budgetary plans will be implemented in Dominica, says PM Skerrit

Associate Times- During a special interaction show Annou Pale, Dominican Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit addressed the nation on various issues. He directed his cabinet to start implementing the plans that were made during the budget session 2021-22. This decision has been taken so that the development of the economic sector should not stop amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the show, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit remembered his passed away comrade Edward Registe to whom he considered a good speaker and real nationalist. During the election campaign, Registe worked as an enthusiastic worker of the Dominica Labour Party.

In Grandbay home town of Edward Registe the Labour party led administration unveiled the Billboard sign in the memory of the minister. This action would bring pride to his family, and it is a small step toward giving him honour and keeping his legacy alive.

PM Skerrit said that the tourism sector would remain in the working process, whereas there are a number of travel restrictions worldwide due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, Dominica has been receiving several cruise ship passengers on the island and the government is working under strict health and safety guidelines against the COVID-19 virus.

PM Skerrit thanked those services providers who provided the services to the cruise visitors in the past week in this time of severe health crisis.

PM Skerrit stated that the citizens of the island should know about the programmes that the government had put in progress to fight back COVID-19, the expense that the government is bearing for the care of 450 positive cases those under care for 24 hrs and protecting the vulnerable population that comprises elderly and children from getting infected by COVID-19 virus. As PM Skerrit thinks, the health safety of the citizens on the island should remain a priority always.

The government is seeking to look after the perfect livelihood and health safety for the people on the island. The government is planning under which the citizens on the island can go to work daily to their jobs while adhering to COVID-19 protocols, which looks like a perfect balance between health safety and economic development at the same time. In this way, the citizens can sustain their employment and earn their wages.

PM Skerrit urged the citizens for their cooperation to restore the economic activities in the country and keeping health safety as the priority. The government would be opening the working on the island along with health safety measures and returning to normalcy.

While talking about the historic meet of CARICOM and African leaderships, PM Skerrit said that this meeting was conducted to enhance the cooperation in the field of economic development and deepen the bilateral ties between these two communities.

PM Skerrit said that they received a donation of 30,000 COVID-19 antigen test kits and 10,000 PCR test kits, which would be a very important gift at this time of severe situation posed by the COVID-9 pandemic. The Chinese government have always been present to help them in this pandemic.

A few days before, the government of Dominica had started a drive-through COVID-19 testing initiative in which the person would receive the test report through e-mail or on Whatsapp. The government has been assisted by the amount of 300,000 US Dollars given by Graduate Medical Education Development, which is a company based in the US.

The Biden-Harris administration is all set to deliver the 46,500 Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines to Dominica. The government has also arranged the freezer for the preservation of the vaccines for a long time. The government has also appointed the team for vaccination, and the schedule has also been placed.

PM Skerrit urged the parents to consent to get their children vaccinated, ranging from 12 to 17 years of age. As Pfizer vaccines would be used to inoculate the children. The businesses can open from 5 am to 9 pm daily and on Saturday

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