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Pfrizer Vaccine roll out begins Today

Health authorities will begin the roll out the Pfizer vaccine today, August 23 giving priority to children between the ages of 12 to 18.

Earlier this month the government received a shipment of 17,500 doses of the vaccine from the United States government to aid in its vaccination efforts.

Cabinet spokesperson Melford Nicholas says the government maintains that vaccination of that targeted group will not be mandatory.

“This is going to be based and I will say it again, the inoculation of the student population comes only with the support and expressed consent of the parents and guardians. In these circumstances there is going to be no mandate for schools at this particular point in time.”

“Clearly we have some hurdles to cross because as you would see that there is the disturbing sceptre of younger children now being affected by the virus. Vaccination at this tender part of out population have become an important issue,” Minister Nicholas added.

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