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Brief Survey: Contemporary situtaion of lethal coronavirus worldwide

AT – It has been more than a year since Coronavirus has spread its foot around the world. In this case, scientists have prepared Coronavirus Vaccine, but the rate of infection remains as it is in many countries. 

The new variants of the virus that have come to the fore in many parts of the world have increased the concerns of the people. Lockdown is being implemented again in many countries of the world, so many countries are going to return to normal life again.

So far, 13.1 million people worldwide have been infected with corona. At the same time, the number of corona dead has exceeded 28.5 lakhs. The Philippines has extended the corona lockdown period amid growing infection cases. On the other hand, France has announced to implement a mild lockdown of four weeks. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that he will bring the country’s economy back on track under a plan. In this case, let us know how the world is from Corona.

Philippines boosts lockdown

The lockdown was extended for another week on Monday, in view of the increasing cases of Kovid-19 in the Philippines and the influx of patients in many hospitals. Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte imposed a lockdown in metropolitan Manila and four provinces last week. This was done because the number of daily cases had crossed 10,000. The beds have started falling due to the increasing number of patients in hospitals. Hospitals have said that they can increase the number of beds, but they do not have enough health workers because many have been infected.

PM Johnson engaged in improving Britain’s economy

.British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced the reopening of the country’s economy after an extended lockdown. Under this, people will be screened Kovid-19 twice every week. Britain is facing the worst economic recession in 300 years. To get out of this, Johnson said that people would be given Corona passports in the coming months. Under this, people who have this passport will be allowed to attend sports events, nightclubs and theatres. Facilities like pubs, restaurants will be reopened.

China is trying to increase the speed of vaccination

.People are increasingly being vaccinated in China. Its goal is to leave America behind in vaccination. In this series, now in China, bank personnel and college staff will be vaccinated. On average, 50 lakh vaccine doses are being applied to people in China every day. In China, 5 doses of vaccine are being applied per 100 people. This figure is 25 in the US and 56 in Israel. In such a situation, China will soon be at the top in terms of vaccination.

Four weeks of light lockdown implemented in France

The government has implemented a light lockdown on the island of Corsica, including 19 areas of the mainland, amid growing cases of coronaviruses in France. It has started from Sunday and will continue for four weeks. The French government is adopting provincial measures to control the pace of Corona. But now all the non-essential shops have been closed and people have been told not to go outside the radius of 10 km from their house.

More than 64 million people worldwide vaccinated.

In many countries of the world, including America, China, India, people are being vaccinated rapidly. So far, more than 64 crore people have been vaccinated worldwide. America is at the top in terms of vaccination, where 16.16 crore people have been vaccinated. This is followed by China and India, where 13.83 million and 7.59 million people have been given vaccine doses, respectively.


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