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AG plans to criminalize noise pollution from vehicles

“Disgusting” is how Attorney General Steadroy Benjamin described the loud music from some vehicles on the nation’s streets, as he announced plans to address the issue of noise pollution this year.

Benjamin, who was speaking during Monday’s sitting of Parliament announced his ministry’s intention to amendment the Noise Abatement Act of 1996 to make “noise pollution” from vehicles illegal.

“The cars that pass before my home, they have speakers on them, they’re so loud that the actual doors and the louvres vibrate. I don’t know for the life of me how these drivers, their eardrums remain intact”, he said.

The AG also described an occasion when he was on the American Road in an SUV neat a Toyota Vitz, saying “Mr Speaker, the noise from that had my car vibrating.”

The Noise Abatement Act outlines that persons found playing or operating or causes or permits the playing or operation of any musical or noisy instrument or of any radio or any instrument, apparatus, or device by means of which sounds may be electronically or electrically produced or reproduced, and which causes annoyance to any person in the vicinity is guilty of an offence. 

Benjamin also noted that changes are coming to the nation’s laws to curtail speeding as well.

The AG also listed several other laws that are planned for 2021 to include laws to protect the vulnerable including the elderly, as part of reforms to public health facilities.

There will also be amendments to the Physical Planning Act to improve safety and amendments to the Labour Code. 

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