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St Peters Rollin with Redz

Over 100 constituents  turned out to cast their ballots in the St. Peter Constituency  to select a Candidate to represent the United Progressive Party in the next General Election against the Hon Asot Micheal the present MP. The tense atmosphere at the Pigotts Primary School  yard was the scene where scores of onlookers gathered to witness who will emerge victorious.

The candidates’ campaign machinery was in full gear with buses, vans and even cars transporting persons to vote. The defiant youth who earlier in the week were threatened by an MP showed up in great numbers to lend support to their candidate of choice.    At the end of it all, it was 25yr old Tevaughn ‘Peter Redz’ Harriette who emerged WINNER. 

Redz as he is called by fellow villagers is a son of Parham and by extension St Peters.  He is Known for his very aggressive style of play on the football field and throughout the community he is loved by all.  One elder stated that he reminded him of Joseph Myers and said “I like how he is mannersable and show respect to all”. 

One youth said, we want a young person to represent us in Parliament, to look after the community and the people. Last election the UPP didn’t give me someone i could believe in, now i have Redz who I grew up with, lime with and play ball with. He ended by saying he is “On the Chariot with Harriette”.  

At the end of the night it was Harriet 65 Imhoff 20 and Isaac 23 Spoilt2 there was 110 Ballots cast.

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