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Delano ‘Vampire’ Forbes not guilty of escaping custody

A verdict delivered by Magistrate Ngaio Emanuel-Edwards in the All Saints Magistrates Court today found Delano Forbes not guilty of escaping from police officers on February 12, 2018.

Forbes was charged with Escaping Lawful Custody after police officers alleged he jumped over a cliff in Swetes Village and disappeared.

The Prisoner, who was restrained with foot cuffs, was in the custody of Corporal Greg Grell as he led five officers through bushy terrain in Swetes.

Forbes testified Corporal Grell told him the police were setting him free because then Commissioner of Police, Wendel Robinson had said there was no evidence on the murder charges.

Allegations which were denied by both Corporal Grell and Former Commissioner Robinson, when they testified at the trial.

A manhunt was launched following the incident but Forbes remained on the wanted list for weeks until he was recaptured by police on March 9, 2018.

He was branded “Vampire Killer” after police alleged he drained and drank the blood of his victims.

The accused was represented by attorney Sherfield Bowen.

Following an internal investigation into the incident in 2019, Senior Sergeant Rohan Gittens of the Serious Crime Unit, was reportedly fined $400.00 on two serious disciplinary charges of ‘Neglect of Duty’.

Disciplinary charges against Corporal Grell were reportedly dismissed.

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