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1200 Uniform Vouchers Unclaimed

Ministry of Education Officials responsible for the School Uniform Grant Programme have placed an appeal to parents and guardians to collect approved vouchers for the School Uniform Grant Programme which they would have registered for with only two weeks remaining. There are at least 1,200 prepared vouchers still unclaimed Ministry officials have stated.

Individuals were encouraged to register online due to the COVID-19 protocols which were put in place earlier this year, a drop box service was also implemented for persons to submit documents, which were then processed. Parents and guardians were then contacted to collect and redeemed at selected uniform suppliers. A number of calls went unanswered thus the reason for the Ministry’s appeal.

The Ministry have therefore placed a final appeal to all parents and guardian who are yet to collect their vouchers to date, to do so by  visiting the National Archives located opposite the St. John’s Fire Station, during the hours of 9-3pm, Monday through Thursday and 9-2pm on Fridays. Individuals must present a valid ID when collecting. Individuals collecting onbehalf of others must be 18yrs old and have in their possession an authorizing letter and the first party’s I.D.

The Uniform Grant Programme for this school year comes to a close on 28thAugust, 2020. This social Programme was introduced by the then UPP administration and continued by the ABLP administration.  Over time the number of uniforms have been reduced.  

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