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Oneal-Morton Sets The Record Straight On Appointment Of Members On Statutory Boards

“I was selected to make the Affidavit on behalf of the Premier as his Permanent Secretary. Because the Permanent Secretary is responsible for the operation of the Ministry and holds the records” said Carolyn O’Neal-Morton in response to a barrage of Questions by Commissioner Bilal Rawat.

Rawat drilled the Permanent Secretary in an attempt to show the Andrew Fahie  Administration did not follow the proper procedure in appointing members of the various statutory boards within the Premier’s ministry.

Morton was very direct in her responses to the Commission as she outlined the process of how a person was selected to the various boards based on the interview process put in place. Nothing from the norm as other CARICOM Member States.

Rawat in his questioning,  attempted to rattle Mrs O’Neal-Morton who was quite respectful, clear and precise in her responses.  Her remarkable perfomance and answers showed that the commissioner is not quite clear how the system of Government functions but he received that tutorial from the Permanent Secretary.

The Commissioner continued to question the Permanent Secretary on the appointment of a few members of boards of which the Fahie Government ensured they selected the best candidates through its process of selection.

Dr. Oneal-Morton showed her experience as a Civil Servant thus causing Attorney Rawat to have to allow the Commissioner of thr Commission of Inquiry to intervene from time to time.

The Fahie Administration maintains that they support a transparent COI that will lead to a Just outcome.

The people of the British Virgin Islands are watching closely this Inquiry proceedings and the much anticipated findings.

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