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Opposition Leader calls for random testing in the face of mounting Corona Virus tally

As the country records five new laboratory confirmed cases of the coronavirus, Opposition Leader Jamale Pringle is calling for random community testing.

Antigua and Barbuda now has 106 confirmed cases of the virus as of Wednesday (September 30), with 71 of those imported and 35 non-imported.

Pringle has been advocating for random testing even before the country’s cases rose past 50. However, he was rebuked by the Health Minister, Molwyn Joseph during a virtual sitting of Parliament when he made the suggestion.

Pringle, speaking on Observer AM on Friday October 2 again called for community testing, since persons may be carrying the virus but might be asymptomatic.

He says random testing is the only way that the country will determine its actual infection rate and numbers.

To date, over 2,800 persons have been tested with over 3,000 samples taken.


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