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Department of Environment request Stop Order on PLH project

Black-Layne recommends immediate Stop Order be issued on PLH project for violating conditions of approval 

Environment activists in the international community are reportedly shocked that the Peace Love and Happiness (PLH) project is being allowed to destroy the ecology of Barbuda; and this, seemingly, has spurred the local authorities to put a stop to it.

The PLH investors are building an exclusive community of 300-plus luxury homes and constructing a golf course at Palmetto Point in the vicinity of the Codrington Lagoon.

Now, in an August 31 letter to Frederick Southwell, the Chief Town & Country Planner, the Department of the Environment (DOE) says that work undertaken since “July 16 was not subjected to any environmental and scientific review, guidance or monitoring.” 

Accordingly, this “lack of monitoring and absence of mitigation” constitute “a direct violation of the conditions of approval” set out by the Department, the EIA findings, and the plan for managing and monitoring the RAMSAR-designated site.

Since the project was found to be “not in compliance with regulatory rules and conditions of approval,” the letter says, “the DOE therefore recommends that a stop order be immediately issued.”

The directive, signed by Chief Environment Officer Diane Black-Layne, sets out remedial steps to be taken by the PLH with regard to the damage done to the wetlands and the destruction of the historic sand dunes.

The letter is copied to Minister of the Environment Molwyn Joseph, among others.

For months, Barbudans have been up in arms about the investors’ encroachment on sensitive parts of their environment.  However, they were not successful in getting the Development Control Authority to revisit the permissions granted.  

It was widely believed that the DCA’s refusal to act against the developer was grounded in Prime Minister Gaston Browne’s championship of the project, which he has declared will become the Nation’s “bread basket.”

Browne had even gone as far as threatening Barbudans –including MP Trevor Walker – with police and military action if they impeded construction by the developer.

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