Harald Lovell Express Condolence on behalf of UPP on the Passing of Sir Keithlyn Smith

“Undoubtedly Sir Keithlyn will be remembered as a principal architect of the modern working class in Antigua and Barbuda” says Harald Lovell Political Leader of the United Progressive Party 

Lovell further stated, “indeed the working-class movement have lost one of its faithful and iconic Stalwarts”. Those were some of the words of condolence expressed to General Secretary of the Antigua Barbuda Workers’ Union, David Massiah in a letter to the Union on behalf of the United Progressive Party on the passing of Sir Keithlyn Smith.

Lovell concluded his letter by saying “He will be deeply missed by all who love Justice and who seek to advance the cause of workers”. 

Sir Keithlyn Smith died peacefully at his home on 31st July 2020.