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Preschool/Daycare providers unsettled about reopening guidelines

Nurseries, Daycares, and Preschool operators will have to implement, what some are already decrying as unreasonable and impossible protocols before they are able to resume operations.

The Central Board of Health (CBH), in conjunction with the Early Childhood Development Unit, released the guidelines following a meeting with most of the providers operating on the island.

The 10 paged document provides a breakdown of steps that should be taken in departments where babies will be placed and preschoolers who are generally between the ages of 3 to 5 years.

Like all other establishments, staff and toddlers will be required to adhere to the mandatory protocol of face masks at all times throughout the day.

Those working directly with preschoolers, according to the government agency, must be trained in first aid by a recognized body.

In addition to this, caregivers will have to designate an isolation area in the event a child becomes ill, staff or students, who are ill or exhibits any flu symptoms, are being advised to remain at home, general visits to centers are been discouraged and parents will have to maintain the sick foot social distancing during pick up and drop off.

The document also outlined procedures that should be followed during school hours, this includes limiting the teacher to child ratio, and establishing adequate space between each child.

As it relates to nurseries, staff members are being advised to ensure they are dressed in clean clothing every day.

Health authorities are advising those members collecting babies to change their clothing before they are placed in cribs or on cots and cots or cribs assigned to a child should not be used by another as long as the original user is registered with the center.

Other measures include the removal of all soft toys from the center, placing children to sleep alternately and at least 3 feet apart, washing and sanitizing bottles after each use, and encouraging parents not to take toys to centers.

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